Snark Show

Snark Show at Space 55

The Snark Show at Space 55

Created by Genevieve Rice, The Snark Show is a local comedy showcase unlike any other. A lively blend of stand-up and roast comedy, the Snark Show is a highly engaging and enthralling experience for performers and audiences alike.  A panel of writers, or “Snarkers,”  sit onstage and preside over the entire show, writing sharp barbs and put-downs about the stand-up performers, their material, the host, and even the audience.  All snarks are written in real time and on the fly for the host to share with everyone in between comics.  It’s a  fast paced, unpredictable good time that engages audience members and unites them with all the performers in one big, witty family.  Since its first show in 2010, the Snark Show has featured some of the finest comedians and writers Phoenix has to offer.


Sadly, there are no Snark Shows scheduled at this time. If you’d like to be notified of any upcoming Snark Shows, please sign up for Genevieve’s newsletter.

The Snark Show is currently a traveling show. If you’d like to see a Snark Show near you, drop Genevieve a line.

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